Gazebo Covers

It is that time of year again.  The weather is starting to turn nice, and it will soon be time to get back outdoors again.

Before you start spending time on your patio, you should take time to assess the condition of your patio equipment and accessories.  Check your patio furniture for any rust, and consider doing some light sanding and repaint the area with a good coating of Rustoleum.  It is important to handle surface rust before it does too much damage to your patio furniture.

If you have a patio gazebo, you should also inspect it for any rust.  The frames are often made from aluminum, but the welds will  rust and should be given the same level of protection that you give your patio set.  Inspect your gazebo cover for signs of damage.  Wind can causing tearing on the seams.  If the seams have weakened, then the high winds that come with spring storms can turn small tears into large ones, and you will soon be shopping for new gazebo covers.  If you do see any damage, you can attempt to do some spot stitching, but it will be necessary to remove your gazebo canopy to complete this.

If you do decide it is time to purchase a replacement gazebo canopy, then try to get one that was made for your specific model of gazebo.  If you cannot find one made for your gazebo, then you will need to look into purchasing a generic or universal gazebo canopy.  These may not fit as well as one that was made for your specific model of gazebo, but they typically will work just fine.

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