Find a Replacement Gazebo Canopy

Don't toss out that perfectly good gazebo, just because the canopy is worn, torn, or missing. You can find affordable replacement gazebo canopies that will make your gazebo look like new again.

The first thing you should do before you purchase a replacement canopy, is to check the warranty on your existing gazebo. Some gazebo manufacturers will offer a 5 year warranty on their products. If you still have the manual that came with your gazebo, then I would recommend contacting the company directly to see if you are eligible to receive a replacement canopy under warranty. You may still have to pay for the shipping, but this is the most economical option.

So what if you don't have your manual, don't know who the manufacturer of the gazebo is, or know that your gazebo is no longer under warranty? Well, there are many third-party canopy replacement options available for purchase. I suggest searching for a replacement canopy that is manufactured from a weather-resistant nylon. These are typically visually appealing, durable, and long-lasting, which make them a good option for replacing your old canopy. Many of these replacement options will have velcro straps sewn into the canopy, which allow them to easily be installed onto your existing gazebo. Look for replacement canopies that have reinforced corners and reinforced stitching. These are both signs of quality products that will last.

So how do you know what size canopy to order? You will need to take measurements of your existing gazebo frame. This is usually done best with two people and a tape measure. Most gazebos on the market are usually square or rectangular in shape. So measure the length and width of your gazebo frame. Ensure that the tape measure is pulled tight so that no slack exists. The gazebos are typically found in a few standard sizes:

  • 8' x 8'
  • 9' x 9'
  • 10' x 10'
  • 10' x 12'
  • 12' x 12'

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