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Madaga Gazebo Replacement Canopy

The Madaga gazebos were originally sold at Target, which has made them a very popular and common gazebo here in the U.S.  The canopies on the Madaga have a limited lifespan.  If you are trying to find a replacement canopy then you have probably noticed that they can be difficult to find.  In the Spring and Summer, they are often sold out and not available.  Even if you can find one, you will be stuck with the same quality fabric as the original canopy that came with your gazebo.  So you can expect the same life out of it.

We typically recommend that you purchase a Magada gazebo replacement canopy from a third-party supplier that uses a higher grade fabric for the canopy material.  This will give you better quality and a longer life for your canopy.

The first thing you need to do though, is verify the model of gazebo that you have purchased from Target.  They sell another model called the Veranda, which looks very similar to the Madaga and can often be mistaken for it.  You can make sure that you have the Madaga by measuring the top tier canopy.  If it measures 53 inches by 53 inches, then it is the Madaga.

The canopy we recommend is listed below.

Garden Winds Replacement Canopy for Target Madaga Gazebo, Beige Garden Winds Replacement Canopy for Target Madaga Gazebo, Beige
List Price: $78.18
Sale Price: $59.99
You save: $18.19 (23%)
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Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days
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  • This replacement canopy will only fit the Madaga Gazebo sold at Target, not compatible with any other gazebo
  • Confirm that your top tier measures 52" x 52" prior to purchasing. If your top tier measures 36" x 36", you do not have the Madaga gazebo, you have the Summer Veranda gazebo instead
  • This canopy comes in a light beige color. Please see picture for reference
  • This is the replacement canopy fabric top ONLY. The metal frame, privacy curtains and mosquito netting are NOT included
  • Manufacturer Model number(s): L-GZ136PST, L-GZ136PST-7, L-GZ136PST-2. Please reference the model number prior to purchasing


The most compelling reasons to buy this replacement canopy instead of a factory replacement are:

  • It is cut to the exact factory specifications of the frame.
  • The fabric has been upgraded from the factory original for more durability.
  • It is a 350 denier fabric, which is 20 to 30 percent thicker.
  • There is reinforced stitching around the velcro straps to prevent wear and tear.
  • There is also reinforced stitching around the corner inside pockets for both the bottom and top tiers.

Tearing of the fabric or in the stitching is typically the number one reason that a canopy needs to be replaced.  Damage from storms, high wind, and the sun can take a toll on the canopy fabric over time.  So go with a higher quality canopy for your Madaga gazebo and get longer life out of it.

Gazebo Mosquito Netting

Gazebo Mosquito NettingWe often seek the shade provided by our outside gazebos in order to avoid the sun's unhealthy UV rays. With some small changes, your gazebo can also offer a safe environment to aid your family in avoiding biting insects as well. An easy solution for creating an environment free of insects is to install some economical mosquito screens to your gazebo frame.

Insects can definitely be an annoyance, but they are something we all must deal with if you wish to spend time outdoors. The news media has tried to teach the public about the hazard connected with mosquito bites and the West Nile Virus. The Centers for Disease Controls identified 981 actual West Nile Virus cases in 2010. Fourty-five deaths stemmed from these viruses. It believed that the total number of of WNV incidents was a lot larger, due to the number of cases that remained unreported. This uncalled-for loss of life could have been averted if the appropriate precautions had been taken.

Care for yourself and your family from the West Nile Virus by taking the following recommendations:

- When outside, make use of bug repellents.
- Eliminate resting water where mosquitoes can deposit eggs.
- Look at dressing in long sleeve shirts and pants during times when mosquito bites are most frequent.
- Provide a bug-free environment by using gazebo mosquito nets.

Mosquito bites can occur at any time outside when mosquitos are active. These bites are more prevalent later in the Spring and over the Summer months. Be aware that mosquitos are much more active from dusk until dawn. These are mostly times when we are outside enjoying the company of family and friends. By attaching some inexpensive gazebo nets to your gazebo frame, you can formulate a safe environment and keep the mosquitoes out.

So what do you need to know to choose and install gazebo mosquito netting?

You can do this very easily. You need to know the lengths of your gazebo's frame to be able to to choose the precise size netting. The most common gazebo sizes are 8'x8', 10'x10', and 12'x12'. There are a variety of universal mosquito nets that are created for these common sizes of gazebo canopies. It does not matter which brand of canopy you have. Armed with the information about your gazebo's dimensions, you can select your gazebo netting with certainty. Universal gazebo mosquito nets might not be a right alternative if you have a uniquely shaped gazebo like the Martha Stewart Melrose hexagon. Look into the availability of mosquito nets that are specifically made for these odd shaped gazebo models.

Steer clear of those harmful mosquito sprays and think about using mosquito netting to circumvent the bites this season. We believe that gazebo mosquito netting is one of the best add-ons for your outdoor gazebo. This economical choice will provide a ton of comfort at a small cost.

LUXURY MOSQUITO NET - for Single to King Size Beds - by Timbuktoo Mosquito Nets - Quick and Easy Installation System - Unique Internal Loop - 2 Entries - Ripstop Stuff Sack - No Added Chemicals. LUXURY MOSQUITO NET - for Single to King Size Beds - by Timbuktoo Mosquito Nets - Quick and Easy Installation System - Unique Internal Loop - 2 Entries - Ripstop Stuff Sack - No Added Chemicals.

List Price: $43.00
Sale Price: $20.97
You save: $22.03 (51%)



Timbuktoo Mosquito Nets ® a startup created by an avid backpacker and product designer.A mosquito net can and should be designed with the same meticulous attention to detail as high-end Technical Outdoor Gear...

HAN-MM Hanging Bed Canopy Princess Play Tent and Bed Canopy Round Hoop Netting Mosquito Net Bedroom Decor Beige with Sheer HAN-MM Hanging Bed Canopy Princess Play Tent and Bed Canopy Round Hoop Netting Mosquito Net Bedroom Decor Beige with Sheer

List Price: $39.99
Sale Price: $31.99
You save: $8.00 (20%)



This unique fun canopy is colorful and pretty in style with fluttering ribbons attached. It is also versatile in its functions. It can be used either indoor above twin or full size bed, over a reading nook, or a fun addition to playroom...

Best Choice Products Outdoor 12' x 10' Soft Top Patio Wicker Gazebo Canopy W/ Fully Enclosed Mosquito Netting Best Choice Products Outdoor 12' x 10' Soft Top Patio Wicker Gazebo Canopy W/ Fully Enclosed Mosquito Netting

Sale Price: $969.62



Best Choice Products presents the new 12'x10' Wicker Gazebo. This wicker gazebo will add an insurmountable amount of elegance to your backyard setting with its precisely-crafted rattan panel design. Its steel frame and powder-coated finish will ensure that you have a strong and durable gazebo for years to come...

Premium Mosquito Net for Double Bed by Naturo + 2 Insect Repellent Bracelets - Full Hanging Kit, Gift Bag & E-book - Outdoor Mosquito Netting Canopy Premium Mosquito Net for Double Bed by Naturo + 2 Insect Repellent Bracelets - Full Hanging Kit, Gift Bag & E-book - Outdoor Mosquito Netting Canopy

List Price: $44.90
Sale Price: $14.96
You save: $29.94 (67%)



FORGET THAT ANNOYING MOSQUITO BUZZ FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIVES! How many times have you woken up in the middle of the night, trying to catch that pesky creature in vain? No more sleepless nights! Our wonderful mosquito canopy can guard you throughout the night, no matter where you go! It's portable and easy to carry around so you will be protected against mosquitoes and other insects in your house or even when camping or visiting friends and family out of town! Get Now The Most Impenetrable Mosquito Net With 2 Bonus Bracelets NATURO has designed this mesh to be of high quality fabric, totally breathable but also impossible to be penetrated by any bug! Supreme protection against diseases that mosquitoes carry and transmit! Keep yourself and your beloved ones safe! Plus, you can wear those bracelets around your wrists and enjoy a night walk in the park, a picnic at the beach or a bike ride in the woods! Large Size Net That Fits Everywhere And Will Get You A Good Night's Sleep This mosquito bed net is suitable for all uses! Is it a double bed or a toddler bed? A baby crib or a hammock? You name it and it's magically protected! Stay protected while sleeping or being awake! This net will be coming with a lot of bonuses for the lucky ones! A full hanging kit (including suction cups for hotels and hostels bed), the mosquito net and the 2 bracelets and an elegant bag, to keep them inside! Plus an e-book about camping and outdoor recipes! What are you waiting for? Scroll Up & Click Add To Cart Now While Supplies Last!

Gazebo Covers

It is that time of year again.  The weather is starting to turn nice, and it will soon be time to get back outdoors again.

Before you start spending time on your patio, you should take time to assess the condition of your patio equipment and accessories.  Check your patio furniture for any rust, and consider doing some light sanding and repaint the area with a good coating of Rustoleum.  It is important to handle surface rust before it does too much damage to your patio furniture.

If you have a patio gazebo, you should also inspect it for any rust.  The frames are often made from aluminum, but the welds will  rust and should be given the same level of protection that you give your patio set.  Inspect your gazebo cover for signs of damage.  Wind can causing tearing on the seams.  If the seams have weakened, then the high winds that come with spring storms can turn small tears into large ones, and you will soon be shopping for new gazebo covers.  If you do see any damage, you can attempt to do some spot stitching, but it will be necessary to remove your gazebo canopy to complete this.

If you do decide it is time to purchase a replacement gazebo canopy, then try to get one that was made for your specific model of gazebo.  If you cannot find one made for your gazebo, then you will need to look into purchasing a generic or universal gazebo canopy.  These may not fit as well as one that was made for your specific model of gazebo, but they typically will work just fine.

Find a Replacement Gazebo Canopy

Don't toss out that perfectly good gazebo, just because the canopy is worn, torn, or missing. You can find affordable replacement gazebo canopies that will make your gazebo look like new again.

The first thing you should do before you purchase a replacement canopy, is to check the warranty on your existing gazebo. Some gazebo manufacturers will offer a 5 year warranty on their products. If you still have the manual that came with your gazebo, then I would recommend contacting the company directly to see if you are eligible to receive a replacement canopy under warranty. You may still have to pay for the shipping, but this is the most economical option.

So what if you don't have your manual, don't know who the manufacturer of the gazebo is, or know that your gazebo is no longer under warranty? Well, there are many third-party canopy replacement options available for purchase. I suggest searching for a replacement canopy that is manufactured from a weather-resistant nylon. These are typically visually appealing, durable, and long-lasting, which make them a good option for replacing your old canopy. Many of these replacement options will have velcro straps sewn into the canopy, which allow them to easily be installed onto your existing gazebo. Look for replacement canopies that have reinforced corners and reinforced stitching. These are both signs of quality products that will last.

So how do you know what size canopy to order? You will need to take measurements of your existing gazebo frame. This is usually done best with two people and a tape measure. Most gazebos on the market are usually square or rectangular in shape. So measure the length and width of your gazebo frame. Ensure that the tape measure is pulled tight so that no slack exists. The gazebos are typically found in a few standard sizes:

  • 8' x 8'
  • 9' x 9'
  • 10' x 10'
  • 10' x 12'
  • 12' x 12'